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Running a Bash Script from a VagantFile. Vagrant has a specific section in the VagrantFile examples about how to initiate shell commands or execute shell scripts in the default vagrant folder location. For my Linux distro of choice, I use CentOS, with the latest as of this writting as CentOS7. The shell provisioner is the most basic provisioner, and allows you to upload and execute a shell script as the root user in the VM. This is ideal for new users to Vagrant who don’t want to deal with the burden of learning an advanced system such as Puppet or Chef, or perhaps for users who want to use this in addition to Chef or Puppet to perform some task before or after that provisioner runs. 14/11/2017 · config.vm.provision "shell", path: "" This tells Vagrant to run a shell script called on our Virtual box instance. It is this script that will perform the actual install of SQL Server 2017. Linux Bash script to Install SQL Server 2017.

Vagrant – Shell provision example Vagrant is a very awesome tool that makes it very easy to develop your projects in virtual machines on your laptop or PC. It’s a wrapper around VirtualBox. Provisioner name: "shell" The Vagrant Shell provisioner allows you to upload and execute a script within the guest machine. Shell provisioning is ideal for users new to Vagrant who want to get up and running quickly and provides a strong alternative for users who are not comfortable with a full configuration management system such as Chef or. Per questo possiamo quindi gestire la configurazione automatica secondo le nostre esigenze delle varie Box che abbiamo, attraverso una struttura di provisioning abbastanza flessibile che supporta normali shell script Bash, il buon vecchio Puppet, ma anche Chef e Ansible. How to use SSH to run a shell script on a remote machine? YYYY-MM-DD format date in shell script; How to echo shell commands as they are executed? Check existence of input argument in a Bash shell script; How can I interact with a Vagrant shell provisioning script?

Let us see how to set up Apache for your first Vagrant project. It can be done using a shell script with the following commands: !/usr/bin/env bash apt-get update apt-get install -y apache2 if ! [-L /var/www ]; then rm -rf /var/www ln -fs /vagrant /var/www fi Now configure the Vagrant to run this shell script and set up your own machine. Use Vagrant to run the Python examples. I will show you this week how to use Vagrant to run the python scripts from my examples repository without any changes on your working environment. We will trigger an inline shell script within the Vagrant file to install Ansible in the VM and then executes the setup.yaml playbook locally. The problem seems to provision script is not using 'vagrant' user's environment variables. But when I check whoami inside the script, I am getting vagrant as output. Is there any way to run provision script with vagrant user's variable? 19/07/2014 · Vagrant has two types of shell provisioning, inline and external. With inline you can write shell commands in the Vagrantfile itself, but let’s focus on external provisioning, which simply means to load and run a shell script from a file relative to Vagrantfile or even from a URL.

Vagrant 2.2 Shell Provisioner - Code Examples.

16/06/2018 · Add privileged: false in your Vagrantfile script: subconfig.vm.provision:shell, path: "", privileged: false so it will be run with vagrant user rather than root and you do not need then to change the permission of the key remove sudo chmod -R 755 /home/vagrant/.ssh. Questions: I know about the provisioning script, but this is a different script that I am asking about. I want a script to be executed after every restart of the guest. I am using shell provisioner. config.vm.provision:shell, path: "vagrant/" I can’t put my commands in this script that I want to run after every.

vagrant-host-shell plugin. a vagrant provisioner to run commands on the host when a VM boots. simple example based on question asked on vagrant mailing list. example usage. Install as a plugin: vagrant plugin install vagrant-host-shell Add this to Vagrantfile. After 'vagrant up' the first time, I like to run just the second Shell provisioner script "". I can only run the provision by type "vagrant provision --provision-with shell", which run all the shell scripts. Also the vagrant init command will create a Vagrantfile configuration file in the current folder. Now you can simply send it to someone else and when that person calls vagrant up the same exact virtual machine will be created on his/her PC. To test ssh after these two commands run successfully, run this command in the same folder: vagrant ssh.

我使用exact64ubuntu 14.04设置了一个流浪盒,并安装了octopress所需的包.我可以ssh进入vagrant box并生成帖子并为我的octopress网站运行预览.现在我想创建一个配置脚本,以便在机器启动后自动运行以下命令.gem install bundler rbenv rehash bundle install rake in. Vagrant allows for provisioning of new guest instances using Shell but the script is always run in the root context. Running as root is great for global configuration without having to deal with sudo. But, what do you do if you need to automatically configure the Vagrant login user during provisioning as well? In this article, I will show how to configure a Vagrant box to run PowerShell. One of key features of Vagrant is the ability to configure virtual machines by using not only traditional configuration management solutions such as Puppet, Ansible and Chef; but also with good old shell scripting. In this case it was just a silly script, but it could have been a build script to configure the VM and install software from a Yum repository, or accessed from the host via the "/vagrant" directory. If you are using a Windows host, remember that the Windows CRLF can confuse Bash.

24/11/2014 · This is a small file that will run the apt-get update, then install Git, and then create a new file named vagrant_worked.txt in the root of the filesystem. Once you’re done creating and saving your file, you’re ready to add the new shell script process to your Vagrantfile which will add it to the build process. Provisioning is used to automatically configure a virtual machine. It is performed automatically when a virtual machine is first created using vagrant up. It can also be re-run later using vagrant provision. Why would you use the shell provider instead of the native puppet support? Sometimes you want to tweak your base-box before running puppet, in that case, using a shell script might be a good idea. I started using the shell provider for deploying a puppetmaster.

You should see the output from the shell script appear in your terminal. If the guest machine is already running from a previous step, run vagrant reload --provision, which will quickly restart your virtual machine, skipping the initial import step. The provision flag on the reload command instructs Vagrant to run the provisioners, since. Vagrant Provision Provisions "The vagrant provision runs any configured provisioners against the running Vagrant managed machine. This command is a great way to quickly test any provisioners, and is especially useful for incremental development of shell scripts, Chef cookbooks, or Puppet modules. 10/08/2011 · This is a small how-to topic on running the shell script you just received or created. The basic philosophy of Linux is to consider everything as files. And if you want to execute a file/app the permissions are set to executable on that file otherwise you.

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